What Steps we should follow while doing Namaz?


Allah has made us and made five pillars of Islam. Namaz is also known as prayer in english language. Namaz is one of the basic pillar of Islam. Allah has made Namaz for his slaves and ordered to perform it very well in every condition. Namaz is also known as Salah. Namaz is the compulsory part of every Muslim’s life.

The Salah (Namaz) is one of the most important thing in Islam to perform. Our prophet Hazrat Muhammmad (PBUH) has explained the every basic concept of Namaz to his ummah. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has explained the Namaz verbally and practically.

Steps Of performing Namaz (Salah)

There are several important steps to consider while performing Namaz. Some of these steps are discussed below in this blog. Let’s learn together.

1. Intention: (Niyyah for Prayer)

The first step before performing the Namaz is intention. The person who is going to pray must have the intention of prayer in his heart otherwise his prayer will not be considered. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to say that each and every action is based on intention. Before a person start prayng he or she must have a intention of worshipping Allah Almighty.

2. Purification: (Taharah)

The second important step to take is purification. Before starting your prayer, it is very important to make sure that the place where you are praying must be clean. The person who has the intention to pray must clean his body and area where he is gonna pray.

3. Ablution: (Wudu)

The third step is to purify your body. Ablution is a part of purification. Ablution is one of the most important step to take when you pray. Ablution is also known as Wudu in Urdu language. There are few important steps of Wudu.

  1. Say Bismillah before starting the Wudu.
  2. Wash your hands thrice.
  3. Use the tooth sticks (Miswak) before cleaning the mouth.
  4. Rinse your mouth.
  5. Wash your nose three times.
  6. Wash your face thrice.
  7. Running hand on the beard while washing your face.
  8. Wash your forearms till elbows thrice.
  9. Wiping on the head.
  10. Wiping in the ears.
  11. Run your fingers between the feet and toes.
  12. Wash your feet.

4. Covering the private parts:

Before a person start to pray, he or she must cover the private parts with clothes. Person must cover his body with clothes and shoulders should also be covered properly. Here is the evidence of covering the body from Quran: “O children of Adam, take your adornment by wearing proper clothing.

5. Face the Kabah/Qibla:

The person who is praying must move his direction towards the Kabah as Allah says in Quran, “So turn your face toward Masjid-al-Haram and wherever you pray turn your faces toward Majid-al-Haram.


In Conclusion, Allah Almighty ordered in Quran: Pray your Salah on time. Every Muslim should pray his Salah on time and worship the only god who is Allah. Above are some of the most important steps to consider while praying.

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