Which Shuttle used by professional players?


There are so many different types of shuttlecocks are available on Amazon. But shuttlecocks for professionals are designed in a very unique way. The shuttlecock is an object that players repeatedly hit over the net in badminton game.

Shuttlecock is also known as “shuttle” or “birdie.” Some shuttles use natural feathers, synthetic feathers, nylon feathers or more. In order to make it easier for you, we’ve explained it down below:

Some of the best shuttlecocks:

Shuttlecocks used by professionals are designed with precisely engineered technology that allows and guarantees a consistent performance to the players. Shuttlecock is the most important component of the game. The speed and consistency of the game depends upon the quality of shuttlecock. Some of the best shuttlecocks used by professionals are briefly explained below:

1. Mavis 350 shuttlecock:

Mavis 350 shuttlecock is one of the best shuttlecocks made up of Nylon plastic material. It has been used by many professionals and best known for its flight performance and durability. Mavis 350 shuttlecock comes with more consistent performance.

It is 4 to 5 times more durable than an ordinary Nylon shuttlecock. It comes in two main colors that are yellow and white. Mavis 350 shuttle is an excellent choice for professionals who want a realistic game even during their game practicing sessions.


For advanced and professionals, the highly recommended shuttlecocks are Yonex Aerosense series from AS-30 to AS-50 especially from AS-40 to AS-50. Yonex Aerosense is best known for its high-quality equipment and innovation.

Yonex Aerosense provides a stable flight, speed consistency and it allows players to make accurate and best shots.


On the second number comes the shuttlecocks of Lingmei. These shuttlecocks are relatively cheaper option for best high professional use. The Lingmei shuttlecocks are great for practicing for your tournaments or sparring sessions.

Lingmei shuttlecocks have different series, but the best is from Lingmei-80 to Lingmei-90. These are of high-quality and also used by professionals.


The Victor Master Ace shuttlecocks are the best high-quality shuttlecocks approved for international play. The Victor Master Ace shuttlecocks are made up of goose feathers and are used in prestigious tournaments and its head material is made up of full cork.

Victor Master Ace shuttlecock has the high durability, flight consistency and has overall best performance.


Cartlon T-800 shuttle is also a best option for players. It is made up of synthetic material, contains 6 shuttle per cane and is excellent for professionals. It provides the high shot speed that vast majority of the professionals want.

Cartlon T-800 is made best for the extreme weather conditions. It is available on Amazon in different prices.


The Champion Sports Nylon Outdoor shuttle is used by many professionals, and it is proved that it is made up of Nylon based material. Many professionals in their interviews said that it is highly durable and has long-lasting feathers.


We’ve discussed Nylon cock, feather cock or badminton birdies and are all well known for their unique performances. All are unique in their own way, and you can choose the right one that suits you. Amazon allows you to buy any type of badminton shuttle that’s why it is the largest shopping website. You can purchase any of them from Amazon.

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