Which is The Best Long-Lasting Lipstick?

The best long-lasting lipsticks are those lipsticks that makes it effortless for you to wear your desired color, whether it’s the rosy nude, pink nude you want for the work or other than the bold crimson you want to last it through your whole wedding.

Nude Long-lasting Lipsticks:

I personally prefer nude shades and there’s a reason for that. The rich pigment of lipsticks keep your lips flexible, not drying and it coats your lips for hours. These lipsticks sets usually within minutes so they won’t rub off on your face, teeth, hands, clothing or loved ones as well. The long-lasting lipsticks fade slowly and evenly over time.

These long-lasting lipsticks are ideally designed to make your lips more attractive and to fill in your lips without getting any trace on your skin or leaving excess behind.

Whether you want to go on a date night or on a special occasion, you will always try to find a perfect long-lasting nude lipstick.

Matte Finishes:

Matte finishes are better than any other because you don’t need to put it again and again on your lips. They are like no smearing, no dryness, stickiness, fading, crusty dryness or even not a heavy feeling on your lips. Matte and nude lipsticks are long-lasting and allow you to be relax every time.

In addition to matte lipsticks they can aid in longevity.

Glossy Lipsticks:

Glossy lipsticks makes your lips more lustrous, shiny but they aren’t perfect like matte because you will have to keep it on your lips again and again which isn’t a good choice.

You’ll find that a lot of long-lasting lipsticks have matte finishes that are perfect for your lips.

People who want to feel comfortable, well and perfect they must use matte lipsticks as they are long-lasting and have great pigmentation for your lips.

Some of the Best Brands:

Following are some of the best long-lasting lipsticks in my opinion:

  • MAC
  • NARS

Liquid Formulas of Long-lasting Lipsticks:

The liquid formulas long-lasting lipsticks strikes the ideal balance between endurance and comfort.

Many people said that they touched their lipsticks if the lipstick had set at the 2 minute mark but nothing came with their fingers that proves that matte, nude and long-lasting lipsticks are even more perfect than others.

Liquid formulas of long-lasting lipsticks make your lips shimmering, reflecting and even more classy.

Urban Decay Vice Long-lasting Lipsticks:

You’ll find that most of the brand lipsticks have a matte finish and they fades away faster but Urban Decay Vice Long-lasting Lipsticks are more shiny and they provide you both smoothness and longevity.

Urban Decay Vice is a brand of long-lasting lipsticks that doesn’t emphasize your lip lines, bleed or feather. These are perfect for anyone who want to long-lasting effect for their lips.


Best Long-lasting lipsticks are those that allow endurance and comfort. It’s all about your choice and that’s exactly what matters. Matte, nude long-lasting lipsticks are perfect for anyone who want to look perfect and great lips. These long-lasting lipsticks makes your lips glossy, lustrous, shimmering and perfect.

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